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Authorized dealers of Okoume and Meranti marine plywood, MAS epoxy products, Smith Resins and Epifanes products. These include BS-1088  plywood panels, adhesives, C.P.E.S. wood penetrants, fillers, sealants, primers, paints and varnishes for the serious hobbyist, luthier, boat builder, restorer or contractor.

We have 15 years experience with these products in our own shop in marine and other woodworking applications. This provides us the background to help you make informed choices on product application and successful project outcome.

We have have the expertise for classic boat consultation and shop facilities to replicate parts for those restoring their own “classic”.

We are conveniently located near Interstates 35 and 80 in central Iowa.

Charter member of the Des Moines Woodworkers Association, one of the largest and most active hobbyist woodworking guilds in the Midwest.

Members of the Antique and Classic Boat Society – Clear Lake (Iowa) Chapter and the Heartland Classics Chapter.

Recently Completed 1948 Higgins Deluxe Runabout

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Our current project is a 1960 Higgins Mandalay runabout. There may be fewer than twenty of these left today. It seems worthwhile to try and bring this back as close to factory original as we can figure out.