About Us

Meet Paul Morris
I grew up on the harbor’s edge in Hyannis, Mass., where a fondness for boats of all kinds was instilled in me at an early age. Typical of many of the young wharf rats of the early and mid-50s, I had all sorts of jobs on the water.

I started out as a dock boy, deck hand, cabin boy and line handler and worked my way up the ranks and finally into the shops of several boat yards. Then came college, the Navy, marriage, a construction management career in the Midwest and now in retirement , I’m returning to my roots–working with old, wooden boats.

I’ve learned about the hundreds of pleasure boat builders of the mid-20th century and their methods of construction. They prospered, then slowly vanished when fiberglass manufacturing came of age. The fascination of working with wooden boats is still there for me, despite the laborious work.

Meet Marge Morris
As a Wisconsin farm girl, I had no experience with boats until meeting¬†Paul. With his passion for boats, I learned fast. Our quality products have been easy to learn about —¬†the boating terminology much more difficult.

I recently I’ve become the president of the Higgins Classic Boat Association. There are links to both organizations on our web page.

If you have any questions about the products we carry, please give me a call and I’ll either answer your questions or find out who can. We thank you for your business.